About Us

Known as the innovation specialists 4GL Corp is very proud to be the sole distributor of both iiamo and Safe’n’Snug products for Australia and New Zealand.
Recently, iiamo Go has been chosen as No. 1 in Top 10 Parenting Gadgets in Australia.

A unique combination of simple, well-proven technologies and a disposable heating cartridge “iiamo warm” which contains only salt and water sets iiamo apart from all others.

Designed with an easy, place-push-and-play mechanism, It’s genuinely simple to use. Just pour in milk or formula, activate the cartridge and within approximately 4 minutes you have body temperature milk ready to serve no matter where you are.

In addition iiamo go is completely free of BPA, parabens, phthalates, perfume and other harmful additives.

The “iiamo warm” can also be disposed of without the fear of impacting the environment, as the warm consists of only 14 g polypropylene plastic (in addition to salt and water), which leads to emission of only CO2 and water.

Iiamo Go is a complete solution for parents on the GO!